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Dr Salam sees both self-funding and insured patients

Please note, these charges do not include investigations requested during the consultation

Initial consultation
Initial hair loss consultation
Follow-up consultation
Video/virtual initial consultation
Video/virtual follow-up
Mole check
Mole mapping
To be confirmed with the clinic
Late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice)
50% of fee
Repeat prescriptions

Non-surgical procedures

Steroid injections (for scars and alopecia)
From £150
Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions)
Axillary hyperhidrosis botox injections (both axillae)

Surgical Procedures

Please note, these charges do not include facility fees charged by the clinic or laboratory fees for histological examination of samples

Skin biopsy
Shave or curettage of lesion (single)
Excision of lesion (single)

Accepted Insurers

We are sorry to inform you that Dr Salam no longer sees Bupa or Bupa International insured patients. Like many of his colleagues, Dr Salam has been unable to sustain his practice, pay his staff, and provide the high quality care he expects for his patients on the current Bupa tariffs. Bupa maintain their fees for doctors at their current level, irrespective of expertise, meaning that older consultants receive significantly higher tariffs. 

Bupa have refused to renegotiate rates, and refused to allow Dr Salam to complete treatment on Bupa patients already under his care. If you are a new Bupa patient or a Bupa patient already under Dr Salam’s care, you will not be covered by your health insurance and will regrettably need to cancel your appointment or self-fund at the current rate. 

Dr Salam continues to see self-funding patients and is recognised by all other major insurers. 

We apologise for any inconvenience.


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